Three core skillsets are required to produce a project of beauty: the ability to have the idea, the ability to create it, and the ability to project manage it. It’s that simple to say, but it requires rare skillsets to achieve. Our particular combination guarantees all three are achieved with room to spare.

The idea

When we start a project we set three goals. Any more than three is unfocused and any less than three is lazy. This approach ensures that the idea has a clear vision that everyone understands and shares.

We make projects that people want to use.

We make projects that are state-of-the-art and often world firsts.

We make projects that everyone involved can be proud of.

Our ideas use our creative and technological experience to come up with concepts that are at the frontier of what is possible. We do this so that our users always feel there is something new and shareable about each and every project.

The idea

The Production

Our technical skills revolve around Natural Language Processing, Chatbot creation using our own dialogue creation platform, game production in Unity or Unreal, backend server and database design using AWS and/or Heroku, mobile iOS and Android SDKs, and the occasional dip into HTML and Javascript like this website.

Our UX/UI skills span mobile, online, games and even interactive TV interfaces. Having produced over 200 projects ranging from games through healthtech to Electronic Programme Guides and mobile apps, we know what audiences like, and how to present content in the best way possible. We have used gamification techniques to combat health issues and once you’ve done that successfully, using these techniques to increase content engagement is easy.


The Project Management

Operating in a complex digital world requires experienced and reliable project management skills. Capturing accurate and in-depth business requirements is just the first step towards goal of delivering projects on time, on budget and to the best possible quality.

We can anticipate when projects are about to hit issues, and solve the problems using our experience that spans twenty years of digital innovation using agile, waterfall, and a number of other approaches.

Prior to every project we set the project management structure that fits everyone’s working patterns. Our belief is that the best project management should fit the team like a good shoe. This makes the journey much more comfortable.

Project management